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Binary Options Trading Scam

Binary Options Trading Scam

Is Binary Options Trading a Scam?

In the recent times binary options have become really popular over the internet. It is promising users a great deal of return on investment by trading on the price fluctuations of various assets over a specific period of time. Since its inception many people who are looking for a shortcut to success are lured into binary options and most of them have fallen prey to the binary options trading scam. So, what is it exactly? Are binary options trading scam? Let’s have an in-depth look and find out the reality of binary options trading scam.

What are binary options?

Binary options are investment tools which lets an investors trade the price fluctuations in the global market of assets. It is called binary because the proposition is a simple yes or no, there’s no middle ground. If you make the right prediction, you win and if you make the wrong one, you lose your investment, all of it. This feature many people to see binary options as a gambling instrument rather than a traditional investment derivative.

Binary Options Trading Scam

Due its easy to use nature, many people are interested in investing in this instrument. It’s true that you can make a great deal of money by trading binary options but the stark reality is that the success rate in binary options trading is pretty low. Apart from that many ill-intentioned brokers are taking advantage of the lack of knowledge and over- optimism of the investors. Have you ever wondered why these brokers charge so less from the investors? The answer is that whenever you lose a trade the lost money goes to broker’s pocket. But most of the brokers are honest and don’t misguide their clients. There are many non-licensed brokers who promise big things to the investors and take their money. Many of these traders use rigged systems so that the investors lose their money. They make aggressive advertisement through the search engine’s ad mechanism and they decorate their sites so well that it is really easy to fool any unsuspecting investors. Recently, many news popped up about people losing everything in binary options trading. It happened because they fell victim to the scam brokers.

Is there any Protection?

Obviously, there are protections against these kinds of frauds. First of all, I’d like mention that prevention is better than cure. By this I meant to say that you better stay away from the scamming brokers. You can do this by searching for the blacklist of brokers who are not trusted. By chance, you fall victim to one of these scams even after taking precautions then you can directly place a report to the FBI website. They will take necessary actions immediately.

Is it really a Scam?

The concept of binary options is totally legal. The income arising through it is also legal. The only problem is the unlicensed brokers who cheat the investors. Because of these brokers, people are blaming the entire system. In the end, it is safe to say that binary trading is not a scam.

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