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Now, read this Binary Review and quickly discover how this Binary Options Broker has become one of the best in the industry offering it’s own coin.

Binary Review

Binary Review

Binary Review

Dealing in binary options is becoming a popular investing method for many investors in recent years. When looking for brokers, people look for the most trusted of them all. In such cases, is a very old and popular binary broker in the market today. So let me introduce you to this breakthrough in my binary review. Together we will find out the truth about We will explore all the necessary details we need to know about this renowned binary broker and decide whether this site is real or merely a scam. was popular as Bet On Markets previously. It is a very old player in binary options game. Thus is undoubtedly reliable for being a regulated broker company. If you visit their site, you will find all the necessary details about them including their registered address, name of their parent company, etc. You will be happy to know that the company is registered as a licensed gambling company in the UK. And as for the rest of Europe, is registered as a legit investment company. Their registered office stands in Malta. The foregoing facts thus confirm the legitimacy of the existence of and their business. Their detailed certifications and address is available in their website so that they can easily be tracked.

So, is Scam or not?

Yes, they are registered as a gambling entity in the UK but that does not make them a scam website. The gambling institution in the UK is completely legal and regulated properly by the regulators. Now, let’s have a look at their investment sector which is registered in Malta. This company is registered and doing business for many years now and we haven’t seen any complaints or controversial isuue arising from it so far. Many people log into their website on a daily basis to invest in binary options. The gigantic traffic to their site is a proof that they have the people’s trust with them. So, in my opinion, after a great deal of research, it would be safe to say that is not a scam.It is a legal and registered broker whom you can trust.

Should you open an account in

Well, it’s true that started off with a gambling site called Bet on Markets. In the past, Bet on Markets enabled people to place bets on the market movement, which is technically binary trading. But they have come a long way from that. They have achieved a lot in the past few years to make them look more investment related company rather than a betting company. Their trading interface is also user-friendly. The best thing about them is that they are really transparent in their dealings. They won’t hide or conceal anything from anyone and they are regulated. This means if anything goes wrong or suspicious with your investments then you can surely file a complaint against them. They also offer demo accounts for new investors or people who wants to try the system before investing.

I will conclude my binary review by saying that it is definitely safe to put your investment in and it would be safe to say that they are not a scam. My advice to the new investors will be to try out with the demo account before putting your real money in binary options. I hope you found this binary review useful.

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