FX Enigma Review

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Title: FX Enigma Review

You can use several techniques to earn huge pips in forex trading. The quickest and the most lucrative way of earning profit through forex trading is scalping. You need precise analysis and calculations to make scalping work otherwise you can end up losing more pips than winning. To this this you will need a good indicator on your charts which will tell you about entry points and stop losses. There are plenty of such indicators out there in the market but in this FX Enigma review we will talk about FX Enigma indicator. We will analyse whether FX Enigma is really good or is just a scam to lure in naïve investors. Let’s find out!
What is FX Enigma?
FX Enigma is a forex scalping indicator developed by an expert forex trader named Karl Dittmann. In their website they claim that FX Enigma indicator is “Super Accurate” and guarantees you with 200 pips on daily average. You need to set it up on your metatrader4 chart and the indicator will tell you signals which will maximise your scalping potential. FX Enigma is designed to work best with M1 – M5 timeframes on any currency pair. It can also push itself upto M30 timeframe as well. Although it promises to support all the currency pairs but it works best with GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY AND CHF/JPY pairs. Each signal will be provided after flawless and accurate analysis. FX Enigma website claims that you can rely on their signals without any tension. You can choose the take profit and stop loss on your chart manually. The stop loss ranges from 180 to 300 pips.
The signal system refreshes itself every minute which makes it really reliable. The indicator is so versatile that it can work alongside other indicators for optimum results. FX Enigma provides a great insight at the trending patterns of the market. If you are sceptical about any signals, then you can confirm it by analysing the sentiment of the overall market. Although the system works within your chart but you can also choose to have your signals delivered to you via text messages and emails.
The Goods
-It is suitable for traders of all skill levels and does not require any experience or special skills
-Best suited for scalping technique
-It provides super accurate and timely signals
-M1-M5 timeframe allows the trader for some real quick profits
-It will show you buy and sell signals
-Works with any computer or smart device with internet connectivity
The Bads
-The signals are super accurate but they won’t be 100% safe. So, it needs a little bit of judgement from your part
-Without a stable internet connection you will miss out on real time signals
The Verdict
FX Enigma looks quite promising and doesn’t seem to be a scam. With their 60 days money back warranty you can definitely try them without hesitation. It is one of the best scalping indicators on the market and you won’t be disappointed.

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