NETOTRADE Forex Broker Review | Best FX Trading Platform 2018

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Right now, read this NetoTrade Forex Broker Review and quickly discover how this Best FX Trading Platform can be used to make money in 2018.

NETOTRADE Forex Broker Review

NETOTRADE Forex Broker Review

NETOTRADE Forex Broker Review

Many of us may have backed off before even trying out the tempting field of online trading thinking of the higher risk of loss posed by these trading platforms. But there definitely are reliable forex brokers out there who render guaranteed success along with a plethora of trading features to ease your venture. Unfortunately, these reliable companies are most of the time overshadowed by the mushrooming gimmicks of amateur foreing exchange companies.  Therefore, to ease your errand in the world of online trading, I have decided to give you a comprehensive insight in my NetoTrade Forex Broker Review.


NetoTrade is a forex broker company that seeks to provide secure trading opportunity to the enthusiasts. Established with a combined effort given by a group of finance experts, NetoTrade has developed over time a wide range of account types, offering trading opportunities in forex, stock, indices,CFDs and commodities.

Unique features of NETOTRADE

Basically, NetoTrade offers the highest, tightest and profitable forex spreads to the clients. NetoTrade moreover has connection with more than fifteen international banks. Normally, the clients can earn leverages up to 400:1 and the leverage increases as you succeed to the level of possessing a Platinum Account. NetoTrade provides a skilled professional to advice the traders when needed. Thus, you can select any trading account prioritizing your comfort. Finally, NetoTrade provides educational tools and trading instruments such as economic calendars and journals on the state of trading signals

Different Accounts at NETOTRADE

As I have mentioned earlier, spreads become tighter depending on your account type. For the beginners, NetoTrade has Mini Account that requires $250 as an initial deposit. Mini Account offers spread that start with 3.3 pips and its trading size starts from $1000. Mini Account offers leverage that is 1:400. The Gold Account is for the professionals that require minimum $5000 to start with along with 2.2 pips of spread, $5000 of trading size and 1:400 of leverage.  The Platinum account is designed for an advanced level with a deposit of $10,000 to the least, pips of 1.8, trade size from 10,000 and leverage of 1:400. The ECN account is designated for the spreads of Interbank with a deposit of $5000 minimum, spreads of 0.1 pips, trade size starting from $5000 and leverage of 1:400.

Different Platforms at NETOTRADE

Among the ECN brokers, NetoTrade is the very first one that promoted trading in Meta Trader 4 in an unbelievably high speed! Meta Trader 4 offers analytical instruments and custom-made trading alerts. NetoTrade has a smart phone app that can come in handy even if you are outside of home. The application offers all that you need to ease your trading and keep you updated about the market position.

Deposits and withdrawals

After signing up, you need to deposit minimum of $250 via Visa or Master card, PayPal, wire transfer etc. You can withdraw money in the shortest possible time after submitting the necessary documents needed.

NetoTrade offers customer care service 24/7 in multiple languages according to their clients. You can contact them through phone calls, texts, emails or live chats. Using NetoTrade you can delve into the global financial market and earn huge profit out of it.

NETOTRADE Official Site

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