Plus500 Forex Broker Review | Top Recommended FX Broker for 2018

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Right now, read this Plus500 Forex Broker Review and discover how to use this Top Recommended FX Broker for 2018 to generate income starting today.

Plus500 Forex Broker Review

Plus500 Forex Broker Review

Plus500 Forex Broker Review

Are you looking for a secure way to earn enormous profits doing just online trading? Join Plus500 to get the optimal result. Plus500 is a Forex broker company that provides trading in CFS based (Contract for Difference) services along with shares, Forex, ETFs and many more! Founded in 2008, Plus500 has headquarters in the UK, Cyprus, Israel, Australia and Bulgaria. The company is however considerably popular in Europe and Asia. According to a recent survey, Plus500 offers up to 1.7 pips of spread in USD/JPY and 1.9 pips of spread in USD/GBP. And the good news is Plus500 does not ask for any commissions from those spreads. That means all the spreads that you have acquired by far are only yours! Isn’t that promising? Do you want to know more exciting offers? Go ahead and read my article on Plus500 Forex Broker Review. Awaits you is your ultimate guide to the field of CFS based online trading.

What makes Plus500 stand out amidst other companies?

BAsically, Plus500 has powerful alliances with international banks. Thus the company and its clients can avail good deals, satisfactory prices and special care from those banks. The company ensures safety and uninterrupted trading opportunity. Plus500 is uniquely transparent when it comes to payments. The company makes sure the clients are well aware of what they are earning and paying. Plus500 never expects any commissions from their clients; nor do they render for commissions to their customers. Furthermore, Plus500 houses a team of skilled programmers. Lastly, the clients can access Plus500 via computers, smartphones and tablets.

Fabulous Features

Plus500 offers a user friendly trading platform providing trading opportunities in about 50 Foreign exchange currency pairs, shares, indices and commodities. There are no sales groups in Plus500. All you need to do is open an account and go through all the necessary steps required for application. The initial deposit is 200 USD in order to get started. Your deposition or withdrawal of cash can be made via Paypal, credit cards, Skrill and bank transfers.

The Incredible Risk Management Policy

In Plus500, the traders can learn about their ‘Total Position Value’ and ‘Equity’ from the Plus500 homepage. Based on their ‘Total Position Value’ and ‘Equity’, the traders can handle their leverage themselves. And to forestall risks, Plus500 offers its clients a unique facility where the traders can put a targeted price for ‘Close at Profit’ and ‘Close at Loss’. Moreover, Plus500 always keeps you updated about the movement of prices in the market. The company safeguards your profits with another device called the ‘trailing stop’.

Customer Service

With thousands of users all over the world, Plus500 provides their clients with a seamless customer support 24/7. You can contact them via email or online texts at any hour of a day.

The Unique Features of Plus500 Website

Originally, Plus500 was one of the earliest online trading platforms to offer bitcoins. Then with the course of time, the company updated their trading method introducing CFDs in 2013. The visitors can view the Plus500 website in about 32 languages. Plus, the users can avail free trials of a demo account. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Plus500 should be your first choice considering the guaranteed profits the company offers. Plus500 is an already established trading platform that set forth its journey ten years ago. So here ends my Plus500 Forex Broker Review. Now it’s your turn to decide which trading platform is good for you.

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Plus500 Forex Broker Review

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