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Quantum Binary Signals Review

Quantum Binary Signals Review

Quantum Binary Signals Review

Quantum Binary Signals is one of the most popular binary trading signal providers over the internet. Quantum Binary Signals mostly provides signal for currency pairs. In this Quantum Binary Signals review, I will show you what makes Quantum Binary Signals special along with the benefits of using the signals.

What is Quantum Binary Signals and how does it work?

Quantum Binary Signals is a binary options trading signal provider. Quantum Binary Signals alerts you with trading signals once you have registered with their services. And once a trading opportunity is identified, the system in Quantum Binary Signals sends the user the signals using email or SMS. Once the signal is received, it’s upon the user to decide whether to execute the trade or not. Quantum Binary Signals gives signals on assets, indices, commodities and currency pairs. But it’s the currency signals for which Quantum Binary Signals is mostly popular. Among the currency pairs, Quantum Binary Signals mostly provide signals for the EUR/USD as it is the most stable among all the pairs. The signals are provided in asset up or down prices and the closing window is set to 10 minutes. This means the signals will be valid for about 10 minutes after provided. After 10 minutes the signals doesn’t work anymore. This is quite close to the industry average as many other signal providers also have expiry period of somewhat near 10 minutes. This is also a good thing because you don’t need to concentrate on trading more than 10 minutes. In an average, Quantum Binary Signals site claims that they send around 3 signals per day on an average. This is quite reasonable. Recently, they have changed their policy a bit and decided to send only 25 signals per month. These signals are mostly low-risk signals. Their policy is to improve the number of winning trades instead of just providing random signals. This decision has improved the winning statistics.

Just like other signal providers the signal works best with the experienced traders. With knowledge and experience, these signals can definitely improve your profit margin. New traders are advised to gain some knowledge first before using any of the signals provided.

Is Quantum Binary Signals good enough?

The Quantum Binary Signals claims that they have a monthly success rate of 76 %, which is on par with the industry average. This means you will win around 12 of your 15 executed trades.


· The success ratio of 76 % is on par with the industry average

· The signal expiry period is similar to other signals

· Trial period comes with the subscription bundle


· There’s no specific time for sending signals. This means if you’re not ready at the time of signal delivery, you will simply miss the trade.

You can try Quantum Binary Signals for only $9.99 a week. If you’re considering a signal within a budget, then this signal is worth a shot. I hope my Quantum Binary Signals review was helpful.

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